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Born in Los Angeles, raised between Brooklyn, New York and Connecticut, Lakendra Ford who now resides in Atlanta Georgia is a devoted mother, entrepreneur, song writer and now author of her debut Novel “A Maze In Ways”.


Writing has always been her first passion.. As a child she had  been celebrated for her abilities of writing short stories and poems.  Engaging in this gift caused her to receive her first professional publishing credit at the tender age of 11 yrs old.  Amazing opportunities would then follow this child from the inner city, but not without the pain of many losses.


Lakendra became motivated toward success once her written work made the local news and her writings began to travel throughout the New York City public Libraries.


A memorable encounter with Nelson Mandela would serve as inspiration as she recalls being escorted across parade barricades and invited to touch the hand of one of the world's bravest men. She also fondly remembers being locked into an intense stare with the late famous tennis player Arthur Ashe. Since then she understood service to others is the most powerful influence anyone could offer to this life, and despite struggles or hardship never to give up.


Lakendra found joy in many levels of the arts, including music. And it was with this gift she was able to sustain a life that traveled her all around the United States and to multiple countries. She has worked alongside industry greats which allowed her to learn many things while earning a career in entertainment. Some of her works have been used for movie, commercials and radio and now Lakendra sets her sights on a newer and more fulfilling journey as she produces a project surrounding her book “ A Maze in Ways”.

This Novel is an highly emotional tale of a young woman’s struggle to survive sex trafficking and personal loss. Lakendra hopes that this story furthers the conversation of how to combat trafficking and abuse in our society.

 Art is her platform, change is her mission and Love is her purpose. Spreading this message to all that God can work things out in Amazing ways.

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